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With A Damaged Sewer Line, There Is No Time To Waste!

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Jersey City, NJ, and all of Hudson County!

Is your home’s foundation showing settlement inside, such as cracks on the walls or doors not closing correctly? This can indicate that something bad is going on with your sewer line. If so, we can perform hydrostatic testing to determine wither there are any leaks in your sewer pipe, which can erode the soil around your foundation, losing its natural support.

Likewise, if you are seeing overly green grass or either ground discoloration or puddling along your sewer line, you should call us immediately for the same testing procedure.

Hydrostatic testing is very simple yet highly effective: If water levels hold steady upon filling the system, then all is well. If the water level drops, then you have a leak somewhere along your sewer line.

So while back-ups usually require our sewer line cleaning services, a loss of water will require either a sewer line repair or replacement.

As a family-owned and operated plumbing and HVAC company, Bargotti knows how responsive you would like us to be with our sewer services. We care about the health and water needs of your family. That’s why we offer emergency service 24 hours of every day if needed!

Our Jersey City / Hudson County Sewer Line Repair & Replacement Services:

After we locate the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms inside your home, we will find where the main line meets the drain lines.

We then dig an access hole near the edge of the foundation that is five feet wide and five feet deep. As needed, we will continue digging with shovels under the foundation near the pipes, so we can access the pipe, cut it, and remove it.

We will replace the damaged pipe with new PVC, supporting them with anchors that attach to the foundation to ensure that they remain stable and sturdy when re-buried. We place the piping at a gradual slope to ensure proper drainage down to the city line.

Once hydrostatic testing proves that the sewer line replacement has been completed properly, we begin cleanup. We replace any removed soil and haul away any leftover dirt and rocks. We clear any remaining surface dirt, replace the sod, and remove all tools, ensuring that your yard appears as untouched as possible.

Our sewer line replacement experts always work as cleanly and quietly as is possible. Our teams strive toward efficiency so that your sewer is replaced ASAP – within our high-quality standards – so your water is back up and running with a little disruption as can be managed under the conditions.

Signs Of Likely Main Water Line Problems:

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Discolored Tap Water

plumbing contractor icon

Unexpected Water Pressure Loss

plumbing contractor icon

Sudden Increase In Water Costs

plumbing contractor icon

Sinkholes In Yard

plumbing contractor icon

Pooling Or Flooding In Yard, Basement, Home

plumbing contractor icon

Hearing Water Running When Taps Are Off

Common Reasons Why Excavation Is Required:

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Old Pipe Material That Can't Take Hydro Jetting

plumbing contractor icon

Too Many Or Too Large Tree Roots

plumbing contractor icon

Severe Amounts Of Grease, Oil, Dirt

plumbing contractor icon

Sunken, Bellied Pipe

plumbing contractor icon

Rusted, Corroded Pipe

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Poorly Installed Pipes

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emergency plumbing & HVAC service 24/7
We had a main sewer issue in our building in Hoboken and the plumber who our association usually gets wasn’t available , I had worked with Tom previously in our old condo and I gave him a call. He stopped by and used a much more effective snake than our last plumber and we discover root damage in our main line . Tom cleared it up and was done in no time , very happy we reached out to Bargotti Plumbing great service we highly recommend
Pat K.
Amazing service! Tom was super nice and very professional... my heat wasn’t working correctly they came by and fixed the problem in only a couple of hours ! Highly recommended
Brett F.
I originally called them to snake some drains at a building I own near journal square they ended up giving us a quote on a new 300k btu boiler for a very competitive price with quality equipment and the whole process was smooth and I can say we will be using them again in the future
Sammy I.
Very reliable service , they saved me today , I had a backed up main sewer and a flooded basement they came they saw and now all is good very professional no Way i call anyone else in the future
Bobby B.
Very nice local service, I called them at 11 pm they showed up with 25 minutes and unclogged my main sewer line for a pretty good rate , tommy the technician was in and out within about an hour , only a few plumbers I called were willing to come out this late on a Saturday and they quoted ,e almost double the price of Drain Pro
James H.
Very good company i called because my toilet was backed up and over flowing, they understood my problem and were at my home in Montclair within 30 minutes , the prices were fair and they quoted me up front and fixed my issue , highly recommend if you need and emergency plumbing service
Stephanie C.
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